New  friends:
We provide a think and do tank for diverse activities that are initiated both by others and ourselves and create tailor-made teams of complementary people. The projects, in which we engage, are not necessarily pre-defined, and circumstances and interests shape the type of roles that associates and partners ultimately fulfill.

We like to collaborate.

TeamTank bvba
Boulevard Anspach 141/143
1000 Brussels

TeamTank bvba are
Tine Holvoet / sociologist
Paul Holvoet / scientist
Pieterjan Ginckels / artist - architect

The elevator pitch:
TeamTank develops a dynamic method that allows individuals, organisations and their surroundings to interconnect in a more efficient way. The smart combination and redirection of existing – but often isolated – resources and initiatives leads to the qualitative growth of existing projects and the facilitation of new activities that are meaningful in a broader context. Providing research, production, as well as strategic advice, the purpose of this approach is to « relevantly generate » new solutions, ideas, techniques, means of production, objects and events.